– Happy New Year~ 2017 –

— to our members and friends. Please note that from now on you will be able to access “The MDC News Jan 2017” through this link.   In this month’s edition you will find Jack Whisner’s annual crossword puzzle, in which most of the answers are the names of elected officials. You will also get a glimpse of the MDC’s operating plan for 2017 and a list of officeholders who are also current members of the MDC.

Look for our 2017 Raffle:

Upcoming programs and events

MDC meetings take place the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, noon – 1:30 pm, Plaza 600 Building #205, 600 Stewart unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, January 10   Director of Information Technology Jayson Morris, who is also Interim Treasurer, will present a draft operating budget for discussion and approval.

Wednesday, January 25  Summer Stinson, a full-time public service lawyer, will present “Washington’s Paramount Duty.”

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January 11, 2017   Review/approve the budget for 2017.

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