King County Prosecutor Chris Bayley To Discuss New Book on Police Payoff Corruption

Chris_BayleySometimes it is well to indulge ourselves with some Seattle political history to shed light on the present and the future.

At our June 9 meeting, Chris Bayley, former King County Prosecutor and author of the recently published Seattle Justice: The Rise and Fall of the Police Payoff System in Seattle, will be MDC’s guest.

Bayley will join MDC member Lem Howell to discuss the subject of his book – challenging the tolerance policy corruption scandal involving the City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department. Allan Munro will moderate the discussion.

We meet at noon to 1:30 pm, Thursday, June 9 at the Plaza 600 Building #205, 600 Stewart St, Seattle. Coffee provided is provided. [photo provided by Joe Mabel]

Upcoming MDC  events:

Note: The next several Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle events normally held on Wednesdays, will be on Thursdays as noted in the following dates.

Meeting location is the same: 600 Stewart Street, Suite 205 and the time is the same – 12:00 noon.

  • June 8:  rescheduled to Thursday, June 9
  • June 12: Sunday, annual MDC Chautauqua
  • June 22: rescheduled to Thursday, June 23 primary endorsements
  • Return to second and fourth Wednesdays in July.

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